If I Must….

† If I Must…I would consider it an honor to die for the faith I have in my Lord Jesus Christ, and in the belief that the only  way to be saved is through His Son, our Savior, and that only through God will America be made great once again. That being said, i will defend my family, my country, our constitution, and our President of the United States, Donald Trump, to the death if i have to.

My grandmother was born in the 1800s and she always said, “Women Ruin Nations”. Only now do i understand what she meant.

Recent uprisings are because women think their choice not to pro-create is in jeopardy? It is not. I pray for those women and for the men they’re taking down with them. Please God, help them to question themselves as to why they are protesting? Why is there so much hatred in their hearts and why so desperate? There is nothing threatening their choice.  Not now nor in the future. Don’t they know that Satan has tricked them?  Their choice to abort is actually making them participate in rituals of blood sacrifice AND in his honor.  Don’t they know what happens AFTER the fetus/baby is aborted? Don’t they realize that they’re feeding us aborted babies in our drinks and in our food? I pray that the veil is lifted from their eyes so that they can see for themselves that Satan is getting what he wants and he’s laughing at them. Satan harbors so much hatred towards mankind that his puppets are chattering words of doubt and confusion and they’re falling for it. Satan wants us divided and at each other’s throats. Our destruction is his only mission. EVER. If they can’t see that and they insist on forging ahead to our elected officials homes with evil intent carrying flaming torches and pitchforks then…

Lord God Almighty Hear My Prayers;

All I Ask my Lord God…Is To DIE with honor and dignity….for I am no stranger to suffering…..let me live long enough so that I can stand among the faithful like walls of steel to defeat evil for even if they know not why they harbor so much hatred so as to harass peaceful and law abiding citizens then maybe it’s time for a second American Revolution.  I beseech Thee and I ask for more, please do not let pestilence, sickness nor poison ravage my body. I do not want to die in an accident of any kind. There is but one death that I wish for and that’s been on my mind lately. I’m turning 60 this month and the question of my carnal mortality weighs heavy upon me. If I may be allowed this one wish, to die fighting in battle defending my family, our Constitution and this land’s sovereignty, her righteous people, our President Donald Trump and elected officials, in Honor of Thy Name and my Love for Thee. I know I am but a sinner of sins committed both known and unbeknownst to me but only say the Word my Lord and I shall be healed. I know that my destiny and my fate are already planned but if there’s a chance of a second Civil War, then let me die an honorable death, a death so great.Praise be to the Lord our God, the God of Abraham, of Jacob and of Isaac, To The Great I AM that spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai, I pray for peace and prosperity but if we shall have a second revolution in this country then please let me die a death with dignity. In Jesus Most Holy Holy Name, I pray. Amen.